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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the course aimed at?
    This course is aimed at type rated or previously type rated B737NG pilots. It is not a type rating groundschool. You may be returning to the line after furlough or sickness, returning to type, have a command course coming up or simply have an interest in the B737. That said, if you aren't type rated you are more than welcome to join in on the session. Please be aware though this assumes a certain base level of knowledge on the airframe systems, it doesn't start at grass roots.
  • Can I ask questions in the session?
    Yes absolutely! There is a chat window within the software where you can ask questions. This is not viewable to your instructor directly. However, we have 2 pilot moderators who will pull out all relevant questions and these will then be passed onto our producer who will present them to your instructor and up live on screen for everyone to see. Your instructor will answer them. You can also video call into the webinar. All you will need is a webcam and microphone.
  • Are your sessions live or pre-recorded?
    All our Webinars are filmed live. You can watch pre-recorded training sessions if you prefer, but to get the best value out of our product we highly reccomend you attend a live session.
  • How much is the training?
    £225 for two full days of training. Please also check the homepage for discounted deals as we often offer these. Bear in mind many other TRTO's charge 5 times this. It also means you have to travel to their venue and arrange accomodation and food. You can enjoy your training all from the comfort of your home or office anwhere in the world, with even more fidelity and manpower of a classroom.
  • Is the session available to watch after the event?
    Yes. The sessions are all kept live for 72 hours after the session start time. You will be emailed links to all the sessions and if you missed it, a link to the replay will also be emailed to you.
  • What software do I need to connect?
    All you need is a laptop or computer to connect. We don't reccomend tablets as you do not get the full functionality but they can still be used. The best browser to connect is Google Chrome.
  • Can I book a 1-1 training session?
    Yes, absolutely. This is done on an ad-hoc basis so please contact us to arrange at


£179 instead of £225 for first 10 to sign up!

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