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About Us


Our goal is simple.


To bring you the best quality online technical training available available anywhere in the world and continually innovate and adapt our product to maintain this.

The 737 Lounge was set up by 4 Pilots - Simulator Instructors and Technical Instructors, after all noting that some areas of technical knowledge training had become somewhat stagnant and mundane.


Groundschool is traditionally hugely expensive and inconvenient rather than being enjoyable, fun and an excellent opportunity to learn. Technical training is increasingly being seen as a box ticking exercise and something that just needed to be done, often set as self-study with little support.


Between us we looked at a way of bringing enjoyable, accessible, engaging and quality content away from the classroom and onto the internet and so, the 737 Lounge was formed.


From the outset we were adamant this should be the highest quality training available anywhere in the world and we will always strive to better the quality of the training we can possibly deliver.


We use broadcast equipment and studios to ensure the all aspects of the product is of the highest quality as well as leveraging new innovation. This is not an instructor at a whiteboard being filmed or a Zoom call, we believe it's the best on the market.

If you can't commit to a course date, watch one of our pre-recorded sessions!

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